Property Management

Welcome to J*A*B Property Management & Maintenance Service.  For the past twenty years, we at J*A*B have been concentrating our efforts on serving the owners of an increasing number of properties located in and around the North Stockton area.  We believe that our maintenance efforts have done much to improve the appearance and condition of properties involved, thereby increasing rental ability.  Our management has also been successful in improving tenant quality and maintaining profitability for property owners.

Our experienced staff works closely with each property owner on a complete review of the rental property, clarifying long and short-term goals, identifying problem areas and reviewing rent schedules to ensure maximum return on your investment. 

A thorough screening process is completed on each rental applicant.  A detailed credit background check is preformed as well as complete verification of the applicants information.  This careful process allows us to make the most effective decision on each applicant.

J*A*B also has the unique capability of performing virtually every repair using our own maintenance staff.  This means faster and more competent repair work done at very competitive prices.  Our staff is qualified to offer a range of services from heating and air conditioning to total rehabilitation of your property.

We are confident you will be impressed with our services and competitive fee structure.  We look forward to meeting with you.